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Salvia cuttings

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last updated Nov 1, 2012
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Salvia x jamensis 'La Luna'. Image: RHS/Tim Sandall

Salvias are a large group of plants popular for adding colour to borders in late summer. The perennial types vary in hardiness so a good way to safeguard against winter losses is to root cuttings. This is simple to do and it is satisfying to share these long-flowering plants with friends.

When to take cuttings Back to top

Take cuttings in August or September. The growth may still be soft or just beginning to harden (semi-ripe).

How to take cuttings Back to top

Taking salvia cuttings is relatively easy and straight forward, just follow these simple steps:

Salvia cutting. Image: RHS/Tim Sandall

1. With a sharp knife or secateurs, cut several stems from non-flowering shoots in late summer and place in a plastic bag. Collect material in the morning when it is at its most hydrated.

Problems Back to top

There are very few problems associated with taking salvia cuttings, but blackleg can occur if water, pots, compost or tools are unsterilised.

Quick facts

Suitable for All salvias
Timing Late summer or early autumn
Difficulty Easy to moderate