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Rudbeckia laciniata 'Herbstsonne' Award of Garden Merit (H6) 2002

Status of name: Accepted name (Asteraceae)
Type of plant: Herbaceous perennial
Trial information:  Previously listed as R. 'Herbstsonne'
Description:  Plants 245cm tall, spread 160cm. Erect. Basal leaves deltoid to ovate, serrate, compound, much divided, hairy. Lower stem leaves ovate, serrate, divided into three lobes. Upper stem leaves elliptic to lanceolate, smooth, matt, entire, adaxial surface Yellow-Green Group 147A, abaxial surface Green Group 137B. Flowering stem smooth, slightly glaucous, Yellow-Green Group 145A/B. Flowers single, 12.5cm diameter, borne in the top third of the plant. Ray ligules 6.4cm long, 2.4cm wide, drooping, adaxial and abaxial surface Yellow-Orange Group 14A. Cone 1.9cm diameter, 1.7cm in height, colour close to Yellow-Green Group 151A. Flowered from late August to early October.Late flowering. Broad petal presents the colour well. Good clean foliage.

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