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Allium 'Globemaster' Award of Garden Merit (H6) 95

Status of name: Accepted name (Alliaceae)
Type of plant: Bulb
Trial information:  Reconfirmed after trial 2016
Description:  "1995: Plant 100cm high; leaves lax, 50cm long, 6cm wide. Inflorescence globular, 18cm high, 18cm wide, compact, crowded; floret star-shaped, 2.5cm diameter, 1.5cm long, petals 1.5cm long, 3mm wide, strong purple (77B), midrib deep reddish purple (77A). Flowering from 10 May to 29 June 1995 [56]. 2016 Forum comments: excellent performer, long-flowering. As expected the flowers become smaller as the bulbs bulk up"

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