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Iris fulva Award of Garden Merit (H5) 2004

Status of name: Accepted name (Iridaceae)
Type of plant: Bulb
Description:  Plant clump-forming; foliage 50cm long, 11.5cm wide, green. Flower stem 60cm high, bearing 34 flowers per stem. Tube 1.7cm long. Standards obovate, 4.5cm long, 1.5cm wide, arching, greyed-orange group 171A shading to yellow group 12A along edge at base. Falls spathulate, 5cm long, 2cm wide, flaring, greyed-orange group 172B veined darker and yellow-orange group 21A along edge at base with greenish midrib. Style 2.5cm long, red-purple group 58A tinged with small fringed crest.

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