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Bulbs (inc. Orchids)
Plant nameInformation

Narcissus 'Abba' (4) Award of Garden Merit (H6) 2007

Narcissus 'Aberfoyle' (2) Award of Garden Merit (H6) 2001

Bright yellow with a deep orange-red corona; free-flowering and very early

Narcissus 'Actaea' (9) Award of Garden Merit (H6) 1993

An old and reliable _poeticus_ daffodil, fragrant and with a deep red rim

Narcissus 'Andrew's Choice' (7) Award of Garden Merit (H6) 2009

Narcissus 'Angelito' (3) Award of Garden Merit (H6) 2006

Narcissus 'Angel's Breath' (5) Award of Garden Merit (H6) 2011

Narcissus 'Arctic Gold' (1) Award of Garden Merit (H6) 1993

A vigorous and free-flowering trumpet daffodil of the deepest golden-yellow

Narcissus 'Arkle' (1) Award of Garden Merit (H6) 2001

A deep yellow trumpet daffodil of immense size and vigour

Narcissus 'Avalanche' (8) Award of Garden Merit (H4) 1995

A plant of amazing vigour, with strong stems bearing up to a dozen beautifully formed yellow and white flowers

Narcissus 'Badbury Rings' (3) Award of Garden Merit (H6) 1998

A wonderful yellow small-cupped daffodil with an orange rim; a leader on the show bench as well as a good garden plant

Narcissus 'Bantam' (2) Award of Garden Merit (H6) 1993

A bright and perky intermediate-sized daffodil with golden petals and an orange corona often sharply rimmed with red ยง

Narcissus 'Barnum' (1) Award of Garden Merit (H6) 1998

Large and robust; deep golden-yellow with very wide petals; a long-lasting flower of great substance and proud stance

Narcissus 'Bell Rock' (1) Award of Garden Merit (H6) 2011

Narcissus 'Border Beauty' (2) Award of Garden Merit (H6) 2001

A very large and showy bright red and yellow flower of excellent pose

Narcissus 'Boslowick' (11a) Award of Garden Merit (H6) 2002

An excellent, early-season flower with spreading orange corona

Narcissus 'Boulder Bay' (2) Award of Garden Merit (H6) 2001

A large yellow flower with trumpet-like corona and flared orange rim; distinct

Narcissus 'Bravoure' (1) Award of Garden Merit (H6) 1993

An extremely large flower with wonderful contrast between white petals and bold yellow trumpet

Narcissus 'Bridal Crown' (4) Award of Garden Merit (H6) 2003

Narcissus 'Brooke Ager' (2) Award of Garden Merit (H6) 2006

Narcissus 'Broomhill' (2) Award of Garden Merit (H6) 1995

Sparkling white; wonderfully reliable for both show and garden

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