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13 records for ‘Lophospermum

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'Cream Delight'

last listed in 2013

erubescens Award of Garden Merit (H2)

2 supplier(s)

erubescens 'Bridal Bouquet'

1 supplier(s)

erubescens 'Garnet'

last listed in 1997

Lofos Summer Cream = 'Sunasashiro'

1 supplier(s)

Lofos Wine Red = 'Sunasaro'

1 supplier(s)

'Magic Dragon'

4 supplier(s)


last listed in 1999

'Red Dragon'

2 supplier(s)


last listed in 2013

scandens 'Mystic Rose'

last listed in 2011

scandens 'Pink Ice'

last listed in 2009

'Wine Red'

2 supplier(s)

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