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657 plants listed

Clematis [Abilene] = 'Evipo027'

Clematis [Alaina] = 'Evipo056'

Clematis 'Alba Luxurians' (Vt)

Clematis 'Alionushka' (I)

Clematis alpina 'Pamela Jackman' (A)

Clematis [Amethyst Beauty] = 'Evipo043'

Clematis 'Andromeda' (EL)

Clematis [Angelique] = 'Evipo017' (EL)

Clematis [Anna Louise] = 'Evithree' (PBR) (EL)

Clematis 'Aphrodite Elegafumina' (I)

Clematis 'Apple Blossom' (Ar)

Clematis 'Arabella' (I)

Clematis [Arctic Queen] = 'Evitwo' (PBR) (EL)

Clematis armandii

Clematis armandii 'Little White Charm'

Clematis armandii 'Snowdrift'

Clematis 'Asao' (EL)

Clematis 'Ascotiensis' (LL)

Clematis [Avant-garde] = 'Evipo033' (PBR) (Vt)

Clematis 'Barbara Harrington' (PBR) (LL)

Clematis 'Barbara Jackman' (EL)

Clematis 'Bees' Jubilee' (EL)

Clematis 'Belle of Woking' (EL)

Clematis 'Best Wishes' (PBR)

Clematis 'Beth Currie' (EL)

Clematis 'Betty Corning' (Vt)

Clematis 'Bill MacKenzie' (Ta)

Clematis 'Black Tea' (LL)

Clematis 'Blekitny Aniol' (LL)

Clematis 'Blue Dancer' (A)

Clematis [Blue Moon] = 'Evirin' (PBR) (EL)

Clematis [Bonanza] = 'Evipo031' (PBR) (Vt)

Clematis [Bourbon] = 'Evipo018' (PBR) (EL)

Clematis 'Brunette' (A)

Clematis 'Candy Stripe'

Clematis 'Carnaby' (EL)

Clematis × cartmanii hort. 'Avalanche' (PBR) (Fo/m)

Clematis × cartmanii hort. 'Joe' (Fo/m)

Clematis × cartmanii hort. 'Joe' × marmoraria (Fo)

Clematis [Cassis] = 'Evipo020' (PBR)

Clematis [Cezanne] = 'Evipo023' (PBR) (EL)

Clematis [Chantilly] = 'Evipo021' (PBR)

Clematis 'Charissima' (EL)

Clematis 'Chatsworth' (Vt)

Clematis [Chelsea] = 'Evipo100'

Clematis [Chevalier] = 'Evipo040' (EL)

Clematis chiisanensis 'Lemon Bells' (A)

Clematis cirrhosa

Clematis cirrhosa var. balearica

Clematis cirrhosa 'Jingle Bells' (C)

Clematis cirrhosa var. purpurascens 'Freckles'

Clematis cirrhosa var. purpurascens 'Lansdowne Gem'

Clematis cirrhosa 'Wisley Cream'

Clematis 'Comtesse de Bouchaud' (LL)

Clematis 'Constance' (A)

Clematis [Crystal Fountain] = 'Evipo038' (PBR) (EL)

Clematis 'Daniel Deronda' (EL)

Clematis 'Dawn' (EL)

Clematis [Diamantina] = 'Evipo039' (PBR)

Clematis [Diana's Delight] = 'Evipo026'

Clematis 'Doctor Ruppel' (EL)

Clematis 'Dorath'

Clematis 'Duchess of Albany' (1897) (T)

Clematis 'Duchess of Edinburgh' (EL)

Clematis × durandii

Clematis 'Early Sensation' (Fo/f)

Clematis 'Elizabeth' (M)

Clematis 'Elsa Späth' (EL)

Clematis [Empress] = 'Evipo011' (PBR) (EL)

Clematis 'Ernest Markham' (LL)

Clematis 'Étoile Rose' (Vt)

Clematis 'Étoile Violette' (Vt)

Clematis [Filigree] = 'Evipo029' (PBR)

Clematis 'Fireworks' (EL)

Clematis flammula

Clematis [Fleuri] = 'Evipo042' (PBR) (EL)

Clematis florida var. flore-pleno 'Plena' (d)

Clematis florida var. florida 'Sieboldiana' (d)

Clematis florida var. normalis [Pistachio] = 'Evirida' (PBR) (LL)

Clematis 'Fond Memories' (EL)

Clematis [Forever Friends] = 'Zofofri' (PBR) (LL)

Clematis 'Fragrant Spring' (M)

Clematis 'Frances Rivis' (A)

Clematis 'Frankie' (A)

Clematis [Franziska Maria] = 'Evipo008' (EL)

Clematis 'Freda' (M)

Clematis 'Fujimusume' (EL)

Clematis 'Fukuzono'

Clematis 'General Sikorski' (EL)

Clematis 'Gillian Blades' (EL)

Clematis 'Gipsy Queen' (LL)

Clematis [Giselle] = 'Evipo051'

Clematis 'Gravetye Beauty' (T)

Clematis 'Guernsey Cream' (EL)

Clematis 'Hagley Hybrid' (LL)

Clematis [Harlow Carr] = 'Evipo004' (PBR)

Clematis 'Helsingborg' (A)

Clematis 'Henryi' (EL)

Clematis 'Huldine' (LL)

Clematis [Hyde Hall] = 'Evipo009' (PBR) (EL)

Clematis [Ice Blue] = 'Evipo003' (PBR) (Prairie Series) (EL)

Clematis 'Jackmanii' (LL)

Clematis 'Jackmanii Alba' (EL)

Clematis 'Jackmanii Superba' ambig. (LL)

Clematis 'Jan Lindmark' (A/d)

Clematis 'Jenny' (M/d)

Clematis 'John Warren' (EL)

Clematis [Josephine] = 'Evijohill' (PBR) (EL)

Clematis 'Kaiu' (V)

Clematis 'Kakio' (EL)

Clematis 'Kermesina' (Vt)

Clematis [Kingfisher] = 'Evipo037' (PBR) (EL)

Clematis 'Lady Bird Johnson' (T)

Clematis 'Lasurstern' (EL)

Clematis [Liberation] = 'Evifive' (PBR) (EL)

Clematis 'Louise Rowe' (EL)

Clematis macropetala (d)

Clematis macropetala 'Lagoon' ambig.

Clematis macropetala 'Wesselton' (A/d)

Clematis 'Madame Edouard André' (LL)

Clematis 'Madame Julia Correvon' (Vt)

Clematis 'Marie Boisselot' (EL)

Clematis 'Marjorie' (M/d)

Clematis 'Markham's Pink' (A/d)

Clematis 'Mayleen' (M)

Clematis 'Miss Bateman' (EL)

Clematis montana 'Alexander' (M)

Clematis montana var. grandiflora (M)

Clematis montana var. rubens 'Pink Perfection' (M)

Clematis montana var. rubens 'Tetrarose' (M)

Clematis montana 'Rubens Superba' (M)

Clematis montana var. wilsonii

Clematis [Moonfleet] = 'Evipo046' (LL)

Clematis 'Mrs Cholmondeley' (EL)

Clematis 'Mrs N. Thompson' (EL)

Clematis 'Multi Blue' (EL)

Clematis 'Natascha' (EL)

Clematis 'Nelly Moser' (EL)

Clematis 'Niobe' (EL)

Clematis [Ooh La La] = 'Evipo041' (PBR) (EL)

Clematis 'Pangbourne Pink' (I)

Clematis [Parisienne] = 'Evipo019' (PBR) (EL)

Clematis 'Pauline' (A/d)

Clematis [Peppermint] = 'Evipo005' (PBR) (d)

Clematis 'Perle d'Azur' (LL)

Clematis 'Perrin's Pride' (Vt)

Clematis [Petit Faucon] = 'Evisix' (PBR) (I)

Clematis [Picardy] = 'Evipo024' (PBR) (EL)

Clematis 'Piilu' (EL)

Clematis 'Pink Fantasy' (LL)

Clematis 'Pink Flamingo' (A)

Clematis 'Polish Spirit' (LL)

Clematis 'Prince Charles' (LL)

Clematis 'Princess Diana' (T)

Clematis 'Proteus' (EL)

Clematis 'Purpurea Plena Elegans' (Vt/d)

Clematis 'Ramona' (LL)

Clematis [Rebecca] = 'Evipo016' (PBR) (EL)

Clematis recta 'Purpurea' (F)

Clematis 'Red Pearl' (EL)

Clematis [Reflections] = 'Evipo035' (LL)

Clematis 'Rhapsody' ambig.

Clematis 'Richard Pennell' (EL)

Clematis [Rosemoor] = 'Evipo002' (PBR) (EL)

Clematis 'Rouge Cardinal' (LL)

Clematis 'Royal Velours' (Vt)

Clematis 'Royalty' (EL)

Clematis 'Ruby Glow' (EL)

Clematis [Samaritan Jo] = 'Evipo075'

Clematis 'Scartho Gem' (EL)

Clematis [Shimmer] = 'Evipo028' (LL)

Clematis 'Snowbird' (A/d)

Clematis 'Special Occasion' (EL)

Clematis stans

Clematis [Sugar Candy] = 'Evione' (PBR) (EL)

Clematis 'Sunset' (EL)

Clematis tangutica

Clematis [The Countess of Wessex] = 'Evipo 073'

Clematis 'The President' (EL)

Clematis 'The Vagabond' (EL)

Clematis [Thumbelina] = 'Evipo030' (PBR) (EL)

Clematis × triternata 'Rubromarginata'

Clematis 'Twilight' (EL)

Clematis 'Venosa Violacea' (Vt)

Clematis [Versailles] = 'Evipo025' (PBR) (EL)

Clematis [Vesuvius] = 'Evipo032' (PBR) (Vt)

Clematis 'Victoria' (LL)

Clematis [Viennetta] = 'Evipo006' (PBR) (d)

Clematis 'Ville de Lyon' (LL)

Clematis viticella 'Flore Pleno' (Vt/d)

Clematis 'Voluceau' (Vt)

Clematis 'Vyvyan Pennell' (EL)

Clematis 'Warsaw' (Ta)

Clematis 'Warwickshire Rose' (M)

Clematis 'Westerplatte' (EL)

Clematis 'White Satin' (A)

Clematis 'Willy' (A)

Clematis [Wisley] = 'Evipo001' (PBR) (Vt)

Clematis [Zara] = 'Evipo062'

Rosa [A Shropshire Lad] = 'Ausled' (PBR) (S)

Rosa [A Whiter Shade of Pale] = 'Peafanfare' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa [Abraham Darby] = 'Auscot' (S)

Rosa [Absolutely Fabulous] = 'Wekvossutono' (PBR) (F)

Rosa × alba 'Alba Semiplena' (A)

Rosa 'Albéric Barbier' (Ra)

Rosa 'Albertine' (Ra)

Rosa [Alec's Red] = 'Cored' (HT)

Rosa [Alexander] = 'Harlex' (HT)

Rosa 'Alexandre Girault' (Ra)

Rosa 'Alibaba' (PBR) (Cl)

Rosa [Alison] = 'Coclibee' (PBR) (F)

Rosa 'Aloha' (ClHT)

Rosa 'Alpine Sunset' (HT)

Rosa [Altissimo] = 'Delmur' (Cl)

Rosa [Amber Queen] = 'Harroony' (F)

Rosa [Amelia] = 'Poulen011' (PBR) (Renaissance Series) (S)

Rosa 'American Pillar' (Ra)

Rosa [Aphrodite] = 'Tan00847' (PBR) (S)

Rosa [Art Nouveau] = 'Pejamark' (F)

Rosa 'Arthur Bell' (F)

Rosa [Artistic Licence] = 'Guesmarble' (HT)

Rosa [Awakening] = 'Probuzení' (ClHT)

Rosa 'Ballerina' (HM/Poly)

Rosa banksiae 'Lutea' (Ra/d)

Rosa 'Bantry Bay' (ClHT)

Rosa [Barbara Windsor] = 'Ganleon' (PBR) (F)

Rosa [Barkarole] = 'Tanelorak' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa 'Baron Girod de l'Ain' (HP)

Rosa [Beautiful Britain] = 'Dicfire' (F)

Rosa 'Belle de Crécy' (G)

Rosa [Belle Epoque] = 'Fryyaboo' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa [Berkshire] = 'Korpinka' (PBR) (GC)

Rosa [Beryl Joyce] = 'Tan96145' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa [Bewitched] = 'Poulbella' (PBR) (Castle Series) (F)

Rosa [Birthday Boy] = 'Tan97607' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa [Birthday Girl] = 'Meilasso' (PBR) (F)

Rosa [Black Baccara] = 'Meidebenne' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa 'Blanche Double de Coubert' (Ru)

Rosa 'Blessings' (HT)

Rosa 'Bleu Magenta' (Ra)

Rosa 'Bloomfield Abundance' (Poly)

Rosa [Blue for You] = 'Pejamblu' (PBR) (F)

Rosa 'Bobbie James' (Ra)

Rosa [Bonica] = 'Meidomonac' (GC)

Rosa [Boogie-Woogie] = 'Poulyc006' (PBR) (Courtyard Series) (ClHT)

Rosa 'Boule de Neige' (Bb)

Rosa [Bowled Over] = 'Tandolgnil' (PBR) (F)

Rosa [Breath of Life] = 'Harquanne' (PBR) (ClHT)

Rosa [Breathtaking] = 'Hargalore' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa [Bridge of Sighs] = 'Harglowing' (PBR) (Cl)

Rosa [Brilliant Pink Iceberg] = 'Probril' (F)

Rosa [Broadlands] = 'Tanmirsch' (PBR) (GC)

Rosa [Brother Cadfael] = 'Ausglobe' (PBR) (S)

Rosa [Brown Velvet] = 'Maccultra' (F)

Rosa [Brush-strokes] = 'Guescolour' (F)

Rosa 'Buff Beauty' (HM)

Rosa [Burgundy Ice] = 'Prose' (PBR) (F)

Rosa [Buxom Beauty] = 'Korbilant' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa [Calypso] = 'Poulclimb' (PBR) (ClHT)

Rosa [Cambridgeshire] = 'Korhaugen' (PBR) (GC)

Rosa 'Cardinal de Richelieu' (G)

Rosa [Caroline Victoria] = 'Harprior' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa [Champagne Moments] = 'Korvanaber' (PBR) (F)

Rosa [Chandos Beauty] = 'Harmisty' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa 'Charles de Mills' (G)

Rosa [Charlie's Rose] = 'Tanellepa' (HT)

Rosa [Charlotte] = 'Auspoly' (PBR) (S)

Rosa [Cheek to Cheek] = 'Poulslas' (PBR) (Courtyard Series) (ClMin)

Rosa [Cheshire] = 'Korkonopi' (PBR) (County Rose Series) (S)

Rosa [Chicago Peace] = 'Johnago' (HT)

Rosa [Chilterns] = 'Kortemma' (PBR) (GC)

Rosa [Chloe] = 'Poulen003' (PBR) (Renaissance Series) (S)

Rosa [Chris Beardshaw] = 'Wekmeredoc' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa [Chris] = 'Kirsan' (PBR) (ClHT)

Rosa [Christopher] = 'Cocopher' (HT)

Rosa [Cinderella] = 'Korfobalt' (ClS)

Rosa [Claire Austin] = 'Ausprior' (PBR) (S)

Rosa 'Claire Jacquier' (N)

Rosa [Claret] = 'Frykristal' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa 'Cliff Richard' (F)

Rosa 'Climbing Arthur Bell' (ClF)

Rosa 'Climbing Ballerina' (Ra)

Rosa 'Climbing Blue Moon' (ClHT)

Rosa 'Climbing Cécile Brünner' (ClPoly)

Rosa 'Climbing Ena Harkness' (ClHT)

Rosa 'Climbing Etoile de Hollande' (ClHT)

Rosa 'Climbing Iceberg' (ClF)

Rosa 'Climbing Masquerade' (ClF)

Rosa 'Compassion' (ClHT)

Rosa 'Complicata' (G)

Rosa [Congratulations] = 'Korlift' (HT)

Rosa 'Cornelia' (HM)

Rosa [Crazy for You] = 'Wekroalt' (PBR) (F)

Rosa [Cream Abundance] = 'Harflax' (PBR) (Abundance Series) (F)

Rosa [Crème de la Crème] = 'Gancre' (PBR) (ClHT)

Rosa [Crimson Cascade] = 'Fryclimbdown' (PBR) (ClHT)

Rosa [Crocus Rose] = 'Ausquest' (PBR) (S)

Rosa [Crown Princess Margareta] = 'Auswinter' (PBR) (S)

Rosa 'Cutie' (Patio)

Rosa × damascena var. semperflorens (D)

Rosa × damascena 'Versicolor' (D)

Rosa [Dancing Queen] = 'Fryfeston' (ClHT)

Rosa 'Danse du Feu' (ClF)

Rosa [Darcey Bussell] = 'Ausdecorum' (PBR) (S)

Rosa [Dawn Chorus] = 'Dicquasar' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa 'De Resht' (DPo)

Rosa 'Dearest' (F)

Rosa 'Deep Secret' (HT)

Rosa [Della Balfour] = 'Harblend' (PBR) (ClHT)

Rosa 'Desprez à Fleur Jaune' (N)

Rosa 'Diamond Celebration' (HT)

Rosa 'Diamond Jubilee' (HT)

Rosa [Doctor Jo] = 'Fryatlanta' (PBR) (F)

Rosa 'Don Juan' (ClHT)

Rosa 'Dortmund' (S)

Rosa [Double Delight] = 'Andeli' (HT)

Rosa [Dream Lover] = 'Peayetti' (PBR) (Patio)

Rosa 'Dreaming Spires' (Cl)

Rosa [Dublin Bay] = 'Macdub' (ClF)

Rosa [Duchess of Cornwall] = 'Tan97157' (HT)

Rosa 'Dusky Maiden' (F)

Rosa [Easy Going] = 'Harflow' (PBR) (F)

Rosa [Eden Rose '88] = 'Meiviolin' (PBR) (ClHT)

Rosa [Eglantyne] = 'Ausmak' (PBR) (S)

Rosa [Elina] = 'Dicjana' (HT)

Rosa [Elle] = 'Meibderos' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa 'English Miss' (F)

Rosa 'Ernest H. Morse' (HT)

Rosa [Especially for You] = 'Fryworthy' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa 'Étendard' (ClHT)

Rosa [Euphoria] = 'Intereup' (PBR) (GC/S)

Rosa [Eyes for You] = 'Pejbigeye' (F)

Rosa [Fairy Snow] = 'Holfairy' (S)

Rosa [Falstaff] = 'Ausverse' (PBR) (S)

Rosa 'Fantin-Latour' (centifolia hybrid)

Rosa [Fascination] = 'Poulmax' (PBR) (F)

Rosa 'Felicia' (HM)

Rosa 'Félicité Parmentier' (A × D)

Rosa 'Félicité Perpétue' (Ra)

Rosa [Fellowship] = 'Harwelcome' (PBR) (F)

Rosa 'Ferdinand Pichard' (Bb)

Rosa [Festival] = 'Kordialo' (PBR) (Patio)

Rosa filipes 'Kiftsgate' (Ra)

Rosa [Flower Carpet Amber] = 'Noa97400a' (PBR) (GC)

Rosa 'Flower Carpet Coral' (PBR) (GC)

Rosa [Flower Carpet Red Velvet] = 'Noare' (PBR) (GC/S)

Rosa [Flower Carpet White] = 'Noaschnee' (PBR) (GC)

Rosa [Flower Power] = 'Frycassia' (PBR) (Patio)

Rosa [Fond Memories] = 'Kirfelix' (PBR) (Patio)

Rosa [Fragrant Cloud] = 'Tanellis' (HT)

Rosa 'Francis E. Lester' (HM/Ra)

Rosa 'Frensham' (F)

Rosa 'Fru Dagmar Hastrup' (Ru)

Rosa gallica var. officinalis (G)

Rosa gallica 'Versicolor' (G)

Rosa [Galway Bay] = 'Macba' (ClHT)

Rosa [Genesis] = 'Fryjuicy' (PBR) (Patio)

Rosa [Gentle Hermione] = 'Ausrumba' (PBR) (S)

Rosa [George Best] = 'Dichimanher' (PBR) (Patio)

Rosa 'Geranium' (moyesii hybrid)

Rosa [Gertrude Jekyll] = 'Ausbord' (PBR) (S)

Rosa 'Ghislaine de Féligonde' (Ra/S)

Rosa [Giardina] = 'Tan97286' (Cl)

Rosa [Ginger Syllabub] = 'Harjolina' (PBR) (ClHT)

Rosa [Gingernut] = 'Coccrazy' (PBR) (Patio)

Rosa [Glad Tidings] = 'Tantide' (PBR) (F)

Rosa [Glamis Castle] = 'Auslevel' (PBR) (S)

Rosa glauca Pourr. (S)

Rosa [Global Beauty] = 'Tan 94448' (HT)

Rosa 'Gloire de Dijon' (ClT)

Rosa [Gloriana] = 'Chewpope' (PBR) (ClMin)

Rosa [Glorious] = 'Interictira' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa 'Golden Anniversary' (Patio)

Rosa [Golden Celebration] = 'Ausgold' (PBR) (S)

Rosa [Golden Future] = 'Horanymoll' (PBR) (ClHT)

Rosa [Golden Memories] = 'Korholesea' (PBR) (F)

Rosa 'Golden Showers' (Cl)

Rosa [Golden Wedding] = 'Arokris' (PBR) (F)

Rosa 'Golden Wedding Celebration' (F)

Rosa 'Golden Wings' (S)

Rosa [Good as Gold] = 'Chewsunbeam' (PBR) (ClMin)

Rosa [Grace] = 'Auskeppy' (PBR) (S)

Rosa [Graham Thomas] = 'Ausmas' (S)

Rosa 'Gruss an Aachen' (Poly)

Rosa [Händel] = 'Macha' (ClHT)

Rosa [Hanky Panky] = 'Wektorcent' (PBR) (F)

Rosa [Hannah Gordon] = 'Korweiso' (F)

Rosa 'Hansa' (Ru)

Rosa [Happy Anniversary] = 'Bedfranc' (PBR) (F)

Rosa 'Happy Birthday' (Min/Patio)

Rosa [Happy Retirement] = 'Tantoras' (PBR) (F)

Rosa 'Harry Edland' (F)

Rosa [Hertfordshire] = 'Kortenay' (PBR) (GC)

Rosa [High Hopes] = 'Haryup' (PBR) (ClHT)

Rosa [Honey Dijon] = 'Weksproulses' (PBR) (F)

Rosa [Honeybun] = 'Tan98264' (PBR) (Patio)

Rosa [Hot Chocolate] = 'Wekpaltez' (F)

Rosa [Ice Cream] = 'Korzuri' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa [Iceberg] = 'Korbin' (F)

Rosa 'Illusion' (ClF)

Rosa [Indian Summer] = 'Peaperfume' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa [Ingrid Bergman] = 'Poulman' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa 'Irène Watts' (Ch)

Rosa [Irish Eyes] = 'Dicwitness' (PBR) (F)

Rosa [Irish Hope] = 'Harexclaim' (PBR) (F)

Rosa [Isabella] = 'Poulisab' (PBR) (Renaissance Series) (S)

Rosa [Isn't She Lovely] = 'Diciluvit' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa [Ivory Castle] = 'Guesoverlay' (HT)

Rosa [Jacqueline du Pré] = 'Harwanna' (PBR) (S)

Rosa [Janet] = 'Auspishus' (PBR) (S)

Rosa [Jenny's Rose] = 'Cansit' (F)

Rosa [Jill's Rose] = 'Ganjil' (PBR) (F)

Rosa [Joie de Vivre] = 'Korfloci 01' (PBR) (Patio/S)

Rosa 'Joseph's Coat' (CIS)

Rosa [Jude the Obscure] = 'Ausjo' (PBR) (S)

Rosa 'Julia's Rose' (HT)

Rosa 'Just Joey' (HT)

Rosa 'Kathleen Harrop' (Bb)

Rosa [Kent] = 'Poulcov' (PBR) (Towne & Country Series) (S/GC)

Rosa [King's Macc] = 'Frydisco' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa 'Königin von Dänemark' (A)

Rosa 'Korresia' (F)

Rosa [Lady Emma Hamilton] = 'Ausbrother' (PBR) (S)

Rosa 'Lady Iliffe' (HT)

Rosa [L'Aimant] = 'Harzola' (PBR) (F)

Rosa [Lancashire] = 'Korstesgli' (PBR) (GC)

Rosa [Lavender Ice] = 'Tan04249' (F)

Rosa [Leaping Salmon] = 'Peamight' (PBR) (ClHT)

Rosa 'Leverkusen' (ClF)

Rosa 'Lilac Dream' (F)

Rosa [Liliana] = 'Poulsyng' (PBR) (S)

Rosa [Little Rambler] = 'Chewramb' (PBR) (MinRa)

Rosa [Lord Byron] = 'Meitosier' (ClHT)

Rosa 'Louise Odier' (Bb)

Rosa [Love & Peace] = 'Baipeace' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa [Love Knot] = 'Chewglorious' (PBR) (ClMin)

Rosa [Lovely Lady] = 'Dicjubell' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa 'Lovers' Meeting' (HT)

Rosa [Loving Memory] = 'Korgund81' (HT)

Rosa [Lucky!] = 'Frylucy' (F)

Rosa 'Madame Alfred Carrière' (N)

Rosa 'Madame Grégoire Staechelin' (ClHT)

Rosa 'Madame Hardy' (ClD)

Rosa 'Madame Isaac Pereire' (ClBb)

Rosa 'Madame Knorr' (DPo)

Rosa [Magic Carpet] = 'Jaclover' (PBR) (S/GC)

Rosa 'Maid of Kent' (PBR) (Cl)

Rosa 'Maiden's Blush' (A)

Rosa 'Maigold' (ClPiH)

Rosa [Malvern Hills] = 'Auscanary' (PBR) (Ra)

Rosa [Mamma Mia!] = 'Fryjolly' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa [Many Happy Returns] = 'Harwanted' (PBR) (F)

Rosa 'Marchesa Boccella' (DPo)

Rosa [Margaret Merril] = 'Harkuly' (F)

Rosa [Marjorie Fair] = 'Harhero' (Poly/S)

Rosa [Mary Rose] = 'Ausmary' (S)

Rosa 'Masquerade' (F)

Rosa 'May Queen' (Ra)

Rosa 'Mermaid' (Cl)

Rosa 'Mevrouw Nathalie Nypels' (Poly)

Rosa [Millie] = 'Poulren013' (PBR) (Renaissance Series) (S)

Rosa [Millie Rose] = 'Wekblunez' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa [Miss Alice] = 'Ausjake' (PBR) (S)

Rosa [Misty Hit] = 'Poulhi011' (PBR) (PatioHit Series) (Patio)

Rosa [Molineux] = 'Ausmol' (PBR) (S)

Rosa [Moment in Time] = 'Korcastrav' (PBR) (F)

Rosa [Moody Blue] = 'Fryniche' (HT)

Rosa 'Moonlight' (HM)

Rosa 'Morning Jewel' (ClF)

Rosa [Mountbatten] = 'Harmantelle' (F)

Rosa 'Mrs John Laing' (HP)

Rosa 'Mrs Oakley Fisher' (HT)

Rosa [Mum's Blessing] = 'Guesimage' (F)

Rosa [My Dad] = 'Boselftay' (PBR) (F)

Rosa [My Mum] = 'Webmorrow' (PBR) (F)

Rosa [My Valentine] = 'Mormyval' (Min)

Rosa [Nahéma] = 'Deléri' (ClHT)

Rosa 'Narrow Water' (Ra)

Rosa 'New Dawn' (Cl)

Rosa [New Zealand] = 'Macgenev' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa [Nice Day] = 'Chewsea' (PBR) (ClMin)

Rosa [Nina] = 'Mehnina' (PBR) (S)

Rosa 'Noisette Carnée' (N)

Rosa [Nostalgie] = 'Taneiglat' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa [Octavia Hill] = 'Harzeal' (PBR) (F)

Rosa × odorata 'Mutabilis' (Ch)

Rosa [Odyssey] = 'Franski' (PBR) (F)

Rosa [Open Arms] = 'Chewpixcel' (PBR) (ClMin)

Rosa [Oranges and Lemons] = 'Macoranlem' (PBR) (S/F)

Rosa [Our Molly] = 'Dicreason' (GC/S)

Rosa [Panache] = 'Poultop' (PBR) (Patio/Min)

Rosa 'Parade' (Cl)

Rosa [Pat Austin] = 'Ausmum' (PBR) (S)

Rosa [Patricia] = 'Korpatri' (F)

Rosa [Paul Shirville] = 'Harqueterwife' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa 'Paul's Himalayan Musk' (Ra)

Rosa [Peace] = 'Madame A. Meilland' (HT)

Rosa [Pearl Abundance] = 'Harfrisky' (PBR) (F)

Rosa [Pearl Anniversary] = 'Whitston' (PBR) (Min/Patio)

Rosa [Pearl Drift] = 'Leggab' (S)

Rosa [Pearl] = 'Korterschi' (PBR) (F)

Rosa 'Penelope' (HM)

Rosa [Penny Lane] = 'Hardwell' (PBR) (ClHT)

Rosa [Perception] = 'Harzippee' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa [Perennial Blue] = 'Mehr9601' (Ra)

Rosa [Perennial Blush] = 'Mehbarbie' (PBR) (Ra)

Rosa [Peter Pan] = 'Chewpan' (PBR) (Min)

Rosa 'Phyllis Bide' (Ra)

Rosa [Piccadilly] = 'Macar' (HT)

Rosa [Piccolo] = 'Tanolokip' (F/Patio)

Rosa [Pigalle '84] = 'Meicloux' (F)

Rosa [Pink Flower Carpet] = 'Noatraum' (PBR) (GC)

Rosa [Pink Hit] = 'Poultipe' (PBR) (Min/Patio)

Rosa [Pink Perfection] = 'Korpauvio' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa 'Pink Perpétué' (Cl)

Rosa [Polar Star] = 'Tanlarpost' (HT)

Rosa [Pot o' Gold] = 'Dicdivine' (HT)

Rosa [Pretty Polly] = 'Meitonje' (PBR) (Min)

Rosa [Princess Alexandra] = 'Pouldra' (PBR) (Renaissance Series) (S)

Rosa [Princess of Wales] = 'Hardinkum' (PBR) (F)

Rosa [Proper Job] = 'Tan02733' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa 'Prosperity' (HM)

Rosa [Pure Bliss] = 'Dictator' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa [Purple Tiger] = 'Jacpurr' (PBR) (F)

Rosa [Queen Mother] = 'Korquemu' (PBR) (Patio)

Rosa [Queen of Sweden] = 'Austiger' (PBR) (S)

Rosa [Rachel] = 'Tangust' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa 'Rambling Rector' (Ra)

Rosa [Rambling Rosie] = 'Horjasper' (PBR) (Ra)

Rosa 'Raubritter' ('Macrantha' hybrid)

Rosa 'Raymond Chenault' (S)

Rosa [Reconciliation] = 'Hartillery' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa [Red Eden Rose] = 'Meidrason' (PBR) (Cl)

Rosa [Reflections] = 'Simref' (F)

Rosa [Regensberg] = 'Macyoumis' (PBR) (F/Patio)

Rosa 'Reine des Violettes' (HP)

Rosa 'Reine Victoria' (Bb)

Rosa [Remember Me] = 'Cocdestin' (HT)

Rosa [Remember] = 'Poulht001' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa [Remembrance] = 'Harxampton' (PBR) (F)

Rosa [Renaissance] = 'Harzart' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa [Rhapsody in Blue] = 'Frantasia' (PBR) (S)

Rosa [Rockabye Baby] = 'Dicdwarf' (Patio)

Rosa 'Roseraie de l'Hay' (Ru)

Rosa [Rosy Future] = 'Harwaderox' (F/Patio)

Rosa 'Rosy Mantle' (ClHT)

Rosa [Royal William] = 'Korzaun' (HT)

Rosa [Ruby Anniversary] = 'Harbonny' (PBR) (Patio)

Rosa [Ruby Celebration] = 'Peawinner' (PBR) (F)

Rosa 'Ruby Wedding' (HT)

Rosa rugosa (Ru)

Rosa rugosa 'Alba' (Ru)

Rosa 'Sally Holmes' (S)

Rosa [Samaritan] = 'Harverag' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa 'Sander's White Rambler' (Ra)

Rosa [Scarlet Hit] = 'Poulmo' (PBR) (PatioHit Series) (Min/Patio)

Rosa [Scented Carpet] = 'Chewground' (PBR) (GC)

Rosa [Scentimental] = 'Wekplapep' (PBR) (F)

Rosa [Scent-sation] = 'Fryromeo' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa [Scepter'd Isle] = 'Ausland' (PBR) (S)

Rosa 'Schoolgirl' (ClHT)

Rosa 'Seagull' (Ra)

Rosa [Seventh Heaven] = 'Fryfantasy' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa [Sexy Rexy] = 'Macrexy' (F)

Rosa [Sharifa Asma] = 'Ausreef' (PBR) (S)

Rosa [Sheila's Perfume] = 'Harsherry' (F)

Rosa [Shine On] = 'Dictalent' (PBR) (Patio)

Rosa [Silver Anniversary] = 'Poulari' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa 'Silver Jubilee' (HT)

Rosa 'Silver Wedding' (HT)

Rosa [Simply the Best] = 'Macamster' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa [Snow Hit] = 'Poulsnows' (PBR) (Min/Patio)

Rosa 'Sombreuil' (ClT)

Rosa [Something Special] = 'Macwyo' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa [Song and Dance] = 'Frydishy' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa [Songs of Praise] = 'Harkimono' (PBR) (Abundance Series) (F)

Rosa [Sophy's Rose] = 'Auslot' (PBR) (S)

Rosa 'Southampton' (F)

Rosa 'Souvenir du Docteur Jamain' (ClHP)

Rosa [Special Anniversary] = 'Whastiluc' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa [Special Child] = 'Taniripsa' (PBR) (F/Patio)

Rosa [Special Friend] = 'Kirspec' (PBR) (Patio)

Rosa [Special Occasion] = 'Fryyoung' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa 'Star Performer' (PBR) (ClPatio)

Rosa [Starry Eyed] = 'Horcoexist' (Patio)

Rosa [Sue Hipkin] = 'Harzazz' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa [Sugar Baby] = 'Tanabagus' (PBR) (Patio)

Rosa [Summer Gold] = 'Poulreb' (PBR) (F)

Rosa [Summer Song] = 'Austango' (PBR) (S)

Rosa [Summer Wine] = 'Korizont' (PBR) (Cl)

Rosa [Sunrise] = 'Kormarter' (PBR) (S)

Rosa [Sunseeker] = 'Dicracer' (PBR) (F/Patio)

Rosa [Sunshine Abundance]

Rosa [Super Dorothy] = 'Heldoro' (Ra)

Rosa [Super Elfin] = 'Helkleger' (PBR) (Ra)

Rosa [Super Excelsa] = 'Helexa' (Ra)

Rosa [Super Fairy] = 'Helsufair' (PBR) (Ra)

Rosa [Super Star] = 'Tanorstar' (HT)

Rosa [Super Trouper] = 'Fryleyeca' (PBR) (F)

Rosa [Surrey] = 'Korlanum' (PBR) (GC)

Rosa [Susan] = 'Poulsue' (S)

Rosa [Swany] = 'Meiburenac' (Min/GC)

Rosa [Sweet Dream] = 'Fryminicot' (PBR) (Patio)

Rosa [Sweet Haze] = 'Tan97274' (PBR) (F)

Rosa [Sweet Juliet] = 'Ausleap' (PBR) (S)

Rosa [Sweet Memories] = 'Whamemo' (Patio)

Rosa 'Sympathie' (ClHT)

Rosa [Tall Story] = 'Dickooky' (F)

Rosa [Tatton] = 'Fryentice' (PBR) (F)

Rosa [Tawny Tiger] = 'Frygolly' (PBR) (F)

Rosa [Tear Drop] = 'Dicomo' (PBR) (Min/Patio)

Rosa [Teasing Georgia] = 'Ausbaker' (PBR) (S)

Rosa [Tenacious] = 'Macblackpo' (PBR) (F)

Rosa [Tequila Sunrise] = 'Dicobey' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa [Tess of the d'Urbervilles] = 'Ausmove' (PBR) (S)

Rosa [That's Jazz] = 'Poulnorm' (PBR) (Courtyard Series) (ClF)

Rosa 'The Fairy' (Poly)

Rosa 'The Garland' (Ra)

Rosa [The Generous Gardener] = 'Ausdrawn' (PBR) (S)

Rosa [The McCartney Rose] = 'Meizeli' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa [The Pilgrim] = 'Auswalker' (PBR) (S)

Rosa 'The Queen Elizabeth' (F)

Rosa [The Times Rose] = 'Korpeahn' (F)

Rosa [Thinking of You] = 'Frydandy' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa [Tickled Pink] = 'Fryhunky' (PBR) (F)

Rosa [Times Past] = 'Harhilt' (PBR) (ClHT)

Rosa [Top Marks] = 'Fryministar' (PBR) (Min/Patio)

Rosa 'Treasure Trove' (Ra)

Rosa [Troika] = 'Poumidor' (HT)

Rosa [Trumpeter] = 'Mactru' (F)

Rosa 'Tuscany Superb' (G)

Rosa [Twice in a Blue Moon] = 'Tan96138' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa [Valentine Heart] = 'Dicogle' (PBR) (F)

Rosa 'Variegata di Bologna' (Bb)

Rosa 'Veilchenblau' (Ra)

Rosa [Velvet Fragrance] = 'Fryperdee' (HT)

Rosa [Warm Welcome] = 'Chewizz' (PBR) (ClMin)

Rosa [Warm Wishes] = 'Fryxotic' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa 'Wedding Day' (Ra)

Rosa 'Wendy Cussons' (HT)

Rosa [Westerland] = 'Korwest' (S)

Rosa [White Cloud] = 'Korstacha' (PBR) (S/ClHT)

Rosa 'White Cockade' (Cl)

Rosa 'White Pet' (Poly)

Rosa [Wildfire] = 'Fryessex' (Patio)

Rosa 'William Lobb' (CeMo)

Rosa [William Morris] = 'Auswill' (PBR) (S)

Rosa [William Shakespeare 2000] = 'Ausromeo' (PBR) (S)

Rosa [Wiltshire] = 'Kormuse' (PBR) (S/GC)

Rosa [Winchester Cathedral] = 'Auscat' (PBR) (S)

Rosa [With Love] = 'Andwit' (HT)

Rosa [Wonderful] = 'Poulpmt005' (PBR) (HT)

Rosa [Worcestershire] = 'Korlalon' (PBR) (GC)

Rosa xanthina 'Canary Bird' (S)

Rosa 'Yellow Patio' (Min/Patio)

Rosa [You're Beautiful] = 'Fryracy' (F)

Rosa 'Zéphirine Drouhin' (Bb)

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