Gardening Club Activities

Get creative with willow

Get creative with willow


Gardening Club Activities

How to Create Herbariums
Dried and pressed plant collections, known as Herbariums.

Make a simple home to attract ladybirds to your school.


This is an easy but effective activity that uses rolled up newspaper and doesn’t require bamboo sticks being cut up.


Find out why Latin is used for plant names.


Produce your own ephemeral (living) art using only what the earth gives you in the style of environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy.


Produce new plants by taking some simple cuttings.


Learn how to send secret messages with flowers.


Encouarge your students to astound their classmates by hosting a vegetable puppet show.


Brighten up the school garden and classroom with these pots.


Everyone loves this creative use of pressed petals and leaves.


How to make a Willow Star.


Encourage birds to your school garden with some tasty food.


Add some sound to your school garden with a wind chime made from recyled materials.


Make your own delightful bugs using seeds, seed cases and other plant parts.


How to create signs and labels for your garden.


How seeds are designed to aid dispersal.


Ever wondered what to do with the food you grow in your school garden? Here are month by month recipes for you to try in the kitchen or classroom.

Find out how to make Blooming Paper - embed seeds in paper. Why not make cards to sell to parents and grandparents.


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