Food Growing

Pupils gardening

Pupils gardening


A new report states every school should be a food growing school. Read More


Growing Vegetables in School


Growing Fruit in School


Fruit and Veg Families


Ever wondered what to do with the food you grow in your school garden? Here are month by month recipes for you to try in the classroom or at home in the kitchen.




Spacing sticks are a practical way to ensure your seeds are sown at the correct distance apart.


Top of the Crops


See our Top 14 Crops for the School Garden and How to Grow them.

14 Fruit and Vegetable fact sheets written by us for the grow it strand of the Open Futures initiative in Primary Schools, supported by the Helen Hamlyn Trust.


Grow Your Own Potatoes

New factsheets and SEN resources for Grow Your Own Potatoes

Potato Council has sent potato-growing kits to 15,000 primary schools this spring. The associated resources include three new factsheets useful to anyone growing potatoes: Planting my potatoes, Growing my potatoes and Plant health. There is also a new set of resources developed for schools with special needs children. These include worksheets, lessons, factsheets and even signs, symbols and songs covering key information about growing, potatoes and being healthy.


Interested in school food and food education? Click here to visit the School Food Matters website.