Urban Schools – Get More from your Growing Space
25th March 2015
Fulham Primary School, SW6 1JU

Do you work in urban schools where there is no allotment-style garden plot?

Your garden may be on a roof, in the playground or another urban space. You may be growing more in pots and containers than in the open ground. This course will provide lots of creative tips and practical techniques to make the most of your space and maximise your growing potential, for example, providing containers full of healthy fruits for foraging. Finally the day will cover the vital importance of trees and green corridors in cities, enabling you to explain the benefits of urban planting to your pupils.


Growing and Cooking with Maths and Science throughout the Seasons
25th March 2015
Gallions Primary School Docklands, EC6 6WG

A hands on workshop looking at how seasonal growing and cooking can support learning in maths and science. Links will be made to the 2014 primary curriculum.


Thinking Outside the Planet
22th April 2015
The Crystal, Royal Victoria Docks, EC16 1GB

A practical hands on workshop combining growing and Philosophy for Children (P4C) to discover what choices man needs to make in order to live and survive.


Grow More in your Edible School Garden
27th April 2015
King Henry's Walk Garden, N1 4NX

This course is for those of you with some basic experience of edible growing who would like to confidently plan the planting and harvesting of your edible crops across the school year.

Learn how to classify fruits and vegetables into families. Find out how to identify common weeds and tackle pests and diseases. Be inspired by practical techniques to encourage new growth from different parts of the plant such as the stem, root cuttings and tubers.

The course will be a practical gardening day which gives you the horticultural knowledge and skills to inspire and involve pupils of all ages in a healthy and flourishing school garden all year round.


The Edible School Garden
6th May 2015
Poplar Primary School, SW19 3JZ

This course is designed to give you the skills to set up a simple productive garden and manage the growing space seasonally throughout the year. You will also be taught how to pass on correct tool skills and garden safety to children. The course will encourage you to inspire your pupils to think scientifically in the edible school garden.


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