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Dahlia 'April Heather' (Col) Award of Garden Merit (H3) 11

Status of name: Accepted name (Asteraceae)
Type of plant: Herbaceous perennial
Description:  "Comments: Foliage complements the flowers perfectly. Lovely blooms. Delightful blend of colours. Beautiful. Colour looks good today – lovely shades of colour in the flowers. Flowers have an even collar. Consistently well-formed flowers. Nice strong stems. Fantastic. Lots of flowers. Flowers from the base to the top of the plants. Has been consistently good through the season. ûDescription: Plant height 197cm. Erect habit. Flowers 13cm in diameter. Cupped outer florets. Outer florets Brilliant Greenish Yellow (1A-2A but brighter) at the base paling to Light Greenish Yellow 1C towards the tip, large areas blushed with and the occasional streak of Moderate Red (paler than 47A) changing to a blush of Purplish Red (closest to 60C) towards the tip, gives the overall effect of apricot. Inner florets (collar) white overlaid with Brilliant Greenish Yellow 1A at the base paling towards the apex. Central disc Vivid Orange Yellow 23A opening Vivid Orange Yellow (23A -21A). Green foliage. Stems light green and round in cross-section"

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