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About the RHS Horticultural Database

Since 1993, the RHS has been developing the RHS Horticultural Database. The objective is to bring together, into a single cohesive structure, as much horticultural information as possible, based around a comprehensive index of garden plant names.

Using the proprietary botanical gardens database management software, BG-BASE™, this is already being used for garden plant records for the RHS gardens, nursery information, RHS National Collections, RHS trials, Award of Garden Merit plants, literature references and much more besides. In 1998, the Pathology section started recording the incidence of certain plant diseases within RHS Garden Wisley, using the Horticultural Database to hold the data. Since 1997, The RHS Plant Finder has been generated directly from the RHS Horticultural Database.


The botanical collections management software, in use worldwide, on which the RHS Horticultural Database is maintained.

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