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1 (d)

Perianth colour(s)


Corona colour(s)


Originator name

G.L. Wilson

Date of first flowering


Seed parent

‘King of the North’

Pollen parent



Fl. 100-115 mm wide; perianth segments broadly ovate, blunt, prominently mucronate, brilliant greenish yellow 6B, paler at base, spreading, somewhat twisted, overlapping one-third to a half; the inner segments a little reflexed, more strongly twisted; corona cylindrical, smooth, opening paler than brilliant greenish yellow 6B, with whitish base, becoming almost pure white, with a line of greenish yellow at rim, remaining yellow on the outside, mouth expanded and frilled, rim flanged, deeply and irregularly notched. 2n=28,29




AM(e)  1948 
*AM(g)  1971 
*AM(p)  1978 
*FCC(g)  1980 
*FCC(p)  1985 
AGM 1993 
AM Haarlem  1950 

Date when entry last modified

24 November 2014

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