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  • Partial word searches can be carried out by appending the % sign to a search term. Accents or apostrophes should not be included when searching for grex names.
  • The International Orchid Register can be interrogated to identify whether hybrids with different pollen and seed parents have been registered. Enter either or both the genus and grex names of the pollen and seed parents and click search. With all such grex names listed the Pollen Parent and the Seed Parent will be given, together with the name of the Registrant and the Originator and the Date on which the grex name was registered.
  • Please note that with many early grex names the parentage is not known and is therefore cited as "na" or "uk" and similarly some early Registrants and many Originators (including some of recent grexes) are unknown - these are indicated as "O/U".
  • All dates of registration prior to 1990 are given to the year only (e.g. 1/1/65).

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